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What Businesses Are Working with BusinessBlaster?
Most Locally-based Service Businesses will work with our Service. Here are some businesses that work with us now:

Bronze Services
Carpet Cleaning
Auto Detailing
Roadside Assistance
Limousine Service
Lawn and Landscaping
Pest Control
Disk Jockeys
Driving Schools
Dry Cleaning Services

Silver Services
Personal Trainers
Car Upholstery
Car Detailing

Gold Services
Real Estate Agents
Garage Doors
Graphic Design
Laser Hair Removal
Storage Service
Auto Parts and Repair
Print Studio
Computer Repair

Platinum Services
Auto Sales
HVAC Air & Heat
Financial Advisors
Personal Injury Attorney
Bankruptcy Lawyer
Security Systems
Divorce Lawyer
Car Rental
Real Estate Attorney
Elder Care Social Work
First TWO (2) CLIENTS FREE Are On Us!
That's right! 100% free, When you purchase only 1 phone call, your FIRST 2 CLIENTS ARE FREE ON US.

You Never Pay for Any Calls You Do Not Feel Are Relevant Sales Calls, and that includes your first 2 free calls. If it takes 5 phone calls to get 2 relevant sales calls, all 5 are free.

We're so confident in our technology and experience that we don't mind giving away HOT SALES CALLS for you to try completely free.

We'll set you up in right away and you'll start getting top relevant sales calls from NEW clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Are My Clients Calls Sold to Anyone Else?
Absolutely Not! All Calls are 100% Exclusive to YOU And Goto Your Dedicated Telephone Number. We will never sell your client calls or their information to anyone else ... ever.

How Much Does Your Service Cost Per Call?
You can choose how much you wish to bid per call. Bid ranges are based on how many calls you wish to receive and how strong advertising competition is in your area. Signup today to see the latest bids.

How Do You Generate These Calls? Are They Good Quality?
These calls are the best client call quality you will find, because they are generated directly from the highest placements on Google Search Engine advertising for high-demand buyers. Then, we convert those clicks into calls from real clients looking for your help.

What Happens If A Call is Not A Relevant Sales Call To My Business?
It's Simple .. After each call, you will receive a text record of the call asking you if the call was relevant to your business. If the call was not relevant to your business, then simply reply text with "1" and you will not be billed for the call. You can't lose!
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